Wild Blood for Android Review and Download

Monday, 15 October 2012, 5:14 | Android

Wild blood for android has been released by Gameloft 3 days ago but today this game has been downloaded by 10000 users. It’s so fantastic, just in 3 days wild blood game has many fans. This application is an application that awaited Droids. So, do not be surprised if this game is very popular. Maybe you ask what is this? Well, if you didn’t know about this android game, wild blood is great arcade and action game which is developed by Gameloft and has been released on Oct 12.

Wild Blood for Android Review and Download

Here, you will be invited to fight, roam and kill enemies in front of you. You are the legendary and brutal Sir Lancelot and you must clean all enemies and his boss, Arthur. In the game, you will get many weapons that you can use to war. Win the game if you are the best player!

The current version is 1.0.8. So, what’s new in this version? Nothing new but the developer just fix some bug. If before you get some problem with tegra 3, now that problem has been fixed. So, you will get great graphic in the game. If you want to play wild blood you must use android 2.3 as minimum specs. So, if you have below it, we think you can’t play this. This game needs 2 GB of free memories, so big capacity but it has great graphic. Well, this is premium game and you must pay about $6.99 to get this app. Is it expensive? I think yes, but you will get great game.

So, how about the features? As the developer says, the game will give you great 3D graphic, new stories concept, many weapons, many characters, and the most powerful features is multiplayer mode. When you play on multiplayer mode you can invite up to 8 friends, wow it’s so fun because you can play with your friends. Play over WiFi and it’s so fun.

Next, let’s see performance of the game. We have played it on Nexus 7 and it has great graphic. After do update, we get great performance with tegra 3 but at a slight Lower res than ipad version. Yeah we think this is about our device. This app is really great on the graphic performance. We never be bored when play this game. Beside the graphic, we see it has new stories and it has good sounds too.

Overall, wild blood game android is great game. It’s recommended for everyone.

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