40x Escape Walkthrough Levels 21-40

Wednesday, 10 October 2012, 5:17 | Walkthrough

40x Escape Walkthrough below will help you to pass levels 21-40. So, you win the game easily. We give you the key and fast walkthrough to win 40x escape game. Let’s play it now!

40x Escape Walkthrough Levels 21-40

Level 21 : Keep your pointer moving until all letters on ESCAPE word are lit.

Level 22 : You need to light up the right section of the door and make it 22.

Level 23 : We give you easy clue, just do this. Click E left, S,P Right E.

Level 24 : First word is new = North, East, West. And second word is news = North, East, West, South. This is the key. Just click up, right, left, up, right, left, down.

Level 25 : It’s easy. Just do this clue. Enter 1,9,5 on the door.

Level 26 : Press SEE PAC on ESCAPE word.

Level 27 : Press fourth button 4 times from the left.

Level 28 : Press and hold the button to the right of the door. The longer you hold the button down, the longer the green bulb will stay lit. While the bulb is lit, change the letters in “ESCAPE” to the color green to open the door.

Level 29 : Total, so how many door in the game? Just enter 040 on the door.

Level 30 : Press the button, so the word is light. Click the left button to select a letter, then click the right button to turn the selected letter on or off. Press the left button once to select the first letter, E, press it twice to select the second letter S, press it three times to select the third letter C, etc.

Stage 31 : It’s like level 24. But the word is we see. West-East and South-East-East. Right, Left, Up, Left, Left.

Stage 32 : Enter 4-2-7

Stage 33 : Light all the word and click letter C after that A.

Stage 34 : First you have to light the left letter, just press the left button. After that, click right button until you can light letter E on the right. Then, click left button again, after that click right button until you see light on letter P. And repeat it until you can light all letter.

Stage 35 : Press o-t-t-f-f-s-s-e-n-t

Stage 36 : Click the button to knock the door then gradually clicking higher.

Stage 37 : Click E just once, then S just twice, then C is three, and next 4,5,6.

Stage 38 : Light the sections of the lock to spell out the word “ESCAPE”.

Stage 39 : Use the buttons to light up all of the letters in “ESCAPE”. Press the middle button to turn on the letter A. Click the left button to move the light left, or click the right button to move it right. Continue to click the middle button to turn on the letter A again and move the light left or right until all of the letters are lit.

Stage 40 : Spell the game title “4-0-x-e-s-c-a-p-e”.

So, 40 levels of 40x escape has been finished and you win the game. We will give you another walkthrough here. So, see you on the next walkthrough.

29 responses to "40x Escape Walkthrough Levels 21-40"

  1. Emily Smith says:

    Best game ever made, its brain challenging ,and gets totyhink than you probaly usually do. I hopefully the makers will make 40x ecsape 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Joe Williams says:


  3. Bex says:

    I tried it at school and nobody got passed level 35

  4. alli says:

    I was on 35 then I accidently closed the wrong tab :'(

  5. Holly says:

    Level 33 is confusing me…

  6. Anza says:

    This was a great game. I just used this to get passed all the levels. Everybody asked me how I beat it, and I said because I’m smarter than them… Suckers!!!

  7. Anza says:

    Oh yeah!

  8. holly b says:

    I can’t get past level 23 HELP PLEASE!!!!

  9. keyon says:

    i don’t know yall but can yall help me on level 34 because I am stuck im a blck person

  10. keyon says:

    what you taking about I passed level 35 BEX

  11. keyon says:

    shut up people

  12. Mark Ellen says:

    25 isn’t working

  13. JOJObuddy011 says:

    Never got passed 35, it de-lighted all the letters when I did the C.

  14. tayyyy says:

    im stuck on level 36!

  15. fucking her while playing this says:

    i used this game to fuck a girl in my bedroom!!she asked me do i know how to beat level 13 so i said yea come here then i held her down and fucked her and nut in her, she liked it too, now that bitch having my baby cause she lied to me about being on the pill….so sad

  16. brianna says:

    what it #11

  17. keyah.knox@gmail.com says:

    thank you it really helped cuhh I wahh stuck…………………….

  18. 1111 says:

    im stuck on leval33

  19. riley dunn says:

    this totally helped me get through the levels! me and my friends were having a competition and I won because of this website! thanks a lot for the hard work you probably had to put into this! love from Riley the Best person ever!!!!!!!

  20. kelise says:

    i love this game so much

  21. brandon says:

    its so esey

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